Mount Erebus is raining gold on Earth. Yes, indeed, this volcano that is present in Antarctica is spewing out gold, among a number of other materials, from deep within the Earth, revealed the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, (NASA) Earth Observatory. There is a small fortune in gold being rained down as approximately $6000 worth of the yellow metal is being extracted daily from within the volcano by the forces within, which is around 80 gms, a report by IFL Science reveals. However, there is no chance of a gold rush happening as no one can get there to try and claim it. A volcano in Antarctica raining gold dust on its surroundings on a daily basis. (In pic: Mount Erebus)(NASA) {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} The gold is being ejected in pockets of gas by the volcano and it is in the form of crystallised gold. And because of that, the gold has been sprayed far and wide, reaching as far away as 621 miles from the volcano. Unlock exclusive access to the latest news on India’s general elections, only on the HT App. Download Now! Download Now! Mount Erebus is not the only volcano in Antarctica. There have been as many as 138 volcanoes identified in that region last time a study was conducted. Some 809 are regarded as being active while the rest are considered dormant. Mount Erebus claim to fame is that it is the tallest (12,448 feet) active volcano in the continent, and the most violent. It has been persistently volatile and it is said that the volcano was seen erupting when Captain Sir James Clark Ross first came calling there way back in 1841. {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} {{^userSubscribed}} {{/userSubscribed}} And once an Air New Zealand plane had crashed into it, killing as many as 257 people onboard. Seemingly, it was blamed on a ‘whiteout’, an optical illusion that made the ice and snow covered volcano invisible and almost impossible to see by the pilot. It is referred to as the Mount Erebus disaster. It happened during day time and the plane was flying below the clouds. Catch every big hit, every wicket with Crick-it, a one stop destination for Live Scores, Match Stats, Quizzes, Polls & much moreExplore now!. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Follow the latest breaking news and developments from India and around the world with Hindustan Times’ newsdesk. From politics and policies to the economy and the environment, from local issues to national events and global affairs, we’ve got you covered….view detail News / Science / This amazing volcano is raining gold dust on Earth – 80 gms a day worth $6000