(.) -TPC Group pleaded guilty to a Clean Air Act violation and was fined more than $30 million over blasts at its Port Neches petrochemical plant in Texas that prompted thousands of people to be evacuated in 2019, the Justice Department said on Tuesday. The company’s 218-acre plant made flammable petrochemicals like butadiene and butane that are used in the manufacture of plastics, tires and gasoline. It is now only in use for storage purposes. The facility saw two explosions which released more than 11 million pounds of hazardous substances, causing over $130 million in offsite property damage. The fires were put out after burning for six days. The Houston-based firm in 2022 filed for bankruptcy protection after struggling under costs and legal claims from the fire. TPC Group has also agreed to spend around $80 million to improve its risk management program and improve safety issues at that Port Neches site and another in Houston, the statement added. It shall also pay $12.1 million in civil penalty payments through bankruptcy proceedings.